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People of deviantArt, let me ask you a question.

Would you rage-quit Facebook because you posted something and it went a bit off-topic? As in, you ask people to choose between two things and instead of them posting A or B, they start discussing the various merits of other, related things?

Because I really wouldn't. I wouldn't even delete the post. But then I can deal with people from the internet, and know what they're like, and know that I really would not get straight answers out of ANY of them. 

Cuz one of my FB and IRL friends is threatening to quit FB because of this ONE post. I mean really. There are far more important things in this world. And quite frankly if you can't take a bit of off-topic bullshit, what the hell are you doing on FB in the first place? And also if you get down and all depressive and like 'ermagawd people are so crap' over a fucking FACEBOOK post, then perhaps you need to re-evaluate your priorities? Like I posted on his 'I might quit' post, 282 people died in a fireball last week, and that's a bit more important to worry about than people on the internet being twats. Right? RIGHT?

Or maybe I'm wrong, and I don't take the internet as such SRZ BZNZ anymore because quite frankly I've got better things to worry about. Tonight is one of my rare internet nights because I wanted to crack out a new character on Maple Story (yes still addicted to that game) and had to order something off of Amazon, but I no longer spend FOREVER online like I used to, which is why I'm never on Skype. And quite honestly I'm happier now I'm not online anymore, my drama quota has gone seriously down and I feel better.

Plus it's fun to sit back and watch the drama unfold from people who still think that it's a TOTAL TRAVESTY that there's another Transformers movie because ITS NOT GEEWUN *insert exactly the same arguments as for the first three films here*. People get far too worked up about giant robots. I only get worked up about my health, wealth and my sanity now. Those are the most important things to me, not some stupid movie. If you take movies, books and games THAT seriously, then like I said, please, re-evaluate your priorities.

That said, I'm still trying to get over the fact they gave my favourite Dynasty Warriors character actual clothes in DW8. Having utterly inappropriate armour is what makes Zhang He fun. YOU HEAR ME KOEI? YOU FUCKING HEAR ME???? 

THAT is something I'll bitch about for HOURS if you let me :P

Oh what the hell, it's Imuran time, and beddy-byes. Whee!


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United Kingdom
Still a crazed 30-something data analyst who is old enough to know better and immature enough not to care.

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